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What's New?

Where do you always buy Minichamps new models??
I always use mail ordering at shops in foreign countries because price of Minichamps in my coutry is extremely high!!
I've checked price of Minichamps Formula 1(Not rare model but new model;correspond to US dollars) in major five countries plus my country for reference as below.
All prices are Not included shipping cost or TAX.Also,this prices are just picked up at some limited shops by myself and not valid for all shops in each countries.
In addition, this result based on yesterday(24,May)'s exchange rate so it may be changed by time.


Yes,"Global Sourcing" is key word for us, too.

I've found out one variant model of GODE Mclaren MP4/8 (Senna).
Please look at red marking beside hashed marking instead of Marlboro logos.

I put all 1992 models on "Museum page" .
It was a quite long way to complete........

I've just added some pictures of Damon Hill Limited Edition.
I'm wondering at seeing this Williams model.
Is this bound but smiling strange figure exclusive for this range??
I guess......No, it may be used for new their "World Champion" range as Senna or Hakkinen for repayment of their expensive mold??

I'm very surprised at seeing price of Mclaren Team Edition in 1999 at one modelcar shop's site.
What?? US$150 each!!???
Relax and please click a picture as below. You can buy each model at around 70% discount from above price even if you're not member of team Mclaren.

I've just added some pictures of "Williams 2000 launch car" to "Model Close-up" page.
It's second time for me to have a launch model at such an early timing since 1994. Hopefully, any other launch models (include BAR!!) also be released soon.

I've just added "Link" page which include some new site.
Especially,those shops are highly recommended!! They must be your good partner to complete your collection.
If you want to add your model cars' site here, please let me know.

Hello again,my friends.I've just come back.
I try to make this site useful for all Minichamps F1 collectors from now on. too.
Firstly, I put all 1993 models on "Museum page" which will be contained not only regular models but some special models also. Please enjoy it!!