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Dear My Friends

Welcome to Grand Prix On the Palm (GPOP) !!!!
I'm Japanese. I love Formula 1 racing and 1/43 Formula 1 model cars.
Especially, I have been hooked on models produced by German manufacturer "Paul's Model Art (MINICHAMPS)" since 1994.

"Paul's Model Art (MINICHAMPS)" is one of the most famous model car manufacturer.
They're producing many kinds of model cars (scale and category) and Formula 1 series is the most successful range.
Looking around Formula 1 models, their quality and accuracy is quite outstanding.
Each model is produced limited quantities only so sometimes models become very rare and dealed in premium price.
In addition, sometimes variant models appear at each production lot which are never shown on catalogue.
This kind of models also valuables for serious collectors.
I started this site to introduce such a wonderful world of model cars (!?) and own information concerned to them jointly with friends in all over the world.

Of course, all models in this home page are stock in my private collection (NOT FOR SALE).

I'm not native English speaker (writer ?) so this page is written in "Oriental English".
Sorry, you sometimes may be confused and feel inconvenience.

Happy Collecting!!

If you have any question and/or comment, please E-mail to me.